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Photos from LDEI Events

48 photo(s) Updated on: Tuesday, May 31, 2016
  • Dr. Annette Shelton, Margo True, Mia and Silvia, Cathy Jörin, Trayvon Smith, Leslie Jonath, Bebe Spitalny, Barbara Haimes, Mary Gassen, Eileen Spitalny, Jerry Di Vecchio & more. Photo by Helen Roberts
  • Garden Project student workers Silvia Avalos,
  • John Austin, Dir of Education-Garden Project, with Dames Margo True, Kathleen Weber, Françoise Kirkman (guest), Sheriff Hennessy, Barbara Haimes, Eileen & Bebe Spitalny. Credit Helen Roberts
  • John Austin, Director of Education for Garden Project, with Helen Roberts, 2016 LDEI-SF President.
  • Margo True, Mary Gassen, Elieen and Bebe Spitalny; San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, and guests. Credit Helen Roberts
  • Dames Jerry Di Vecchio and Tina Salter introduce program for Garden Project Picnic Shower. Credit Helen Roberts
  • L to R, Dames Barbara Haimes, Fran Gage; Kathleen Weber (setting up at table), Mary Gassen, San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, and community activist Dr. Annette Shelton. Credit Helen Roberts
  • Dames Kathleen Weber, Peggy Knickerbocker, Fran Gage. Credit Helen Roberts
  • Dames Jerry Di Vecchio and Cathrine Sneed--who is also the Garden Project Founder.
  • Guisto Flour Milling Tour, Spring 2015
  • Lunch at the Weber Ranch, Petaluma, June 2015
  • Dough rising at Giusto's Central Milling
  • Tour of Giusto's Central Milling, June 2015
  • Giusto's Central Milling, June 2015
  • Shrub Demonstration at Healdsburg SHED
  • Dame Cindy Daniel of SHED with shrub-maker extraordinaire
  • SHED Kitchenwares
  • SHED Display
  • Healdsburg SHED
  • Cindy Daniel, owner of SHED leading private Les Dames tour
  • SHED mills it's own wheat
  • SHED kitchen store and deli
  • SHED Pantry
  • Dames shopping at SHED
  • Healdsburg SHED's flour mill
  • SHED's Fermentation Bar pictured in back.
  • Ancestral Potluck 2015
  • Delicious hand-crafted shrubs served at Healdsburg's SHED
  • Dame and Chef, Joyce Jue, at MFK Fisher event
  • UC Santa Cruz Farm Tour

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